About us – For foreign operators

CODIREX is an professional consulting firm who offers to small and medium-sized Italian companies its advice to identify new markets, to seize the best opportunities for business and operational management of international transactions.

The experience and expertise of our consultants allow us to offer a highly skilled assistance to both companies which still have not exploited the opportunities arising from international markets, and to those which are working there since a long time and intend to improve and consolidate their results.

What we do for foreign buyers

Do you think that Italian products can not miss in your price lists, it has always been considered synonymous of craftsmanship, high quality, attention to details, style and exclusivity?

Are you interested in buying Made in Italy products?

Have you started negotiations with potential Italian suppliers which have broke down because you did not find an agreement on contract terms, payment terms, currency, delivery terms?

Do you want to restore those contacts?

CODIREX can help you to achieve these goals.

The most interesting part of the Italian business structure is composed of small (companies with less than 50 employees and annual turnover not exceeding 10 million Euro) and micro-enterprises (companies with less than 10 employees and turnover not exceeding 2 million Euro).

Often these realities, while manufacturing very interesting and high quality products, are not sufficiently structured to be able to sell on international markets.

For you CODIREX can:

  • search for products you may be interested in;
  • identify the most interesting companies;
  • present your requests;
  • support you during the commercial negotiations, so as to overcome all the misunderstandings and difficulties and allow a fruitful conclusion of the contract.

Very important: for you no extra cost.

CODIREX operates as an Outsourcing Foreign Office for Italian companies and not as an intermediary: the business relationship will be established directly between you and the Italian company, dealing with us is just like to deal directly with your potential provider in Italy, without any cost of intermediation.

For more information and specific requests or other products please fell free to contact us at opportunity@codirex.it.

What we do for foreign sellers

Are you thinking to export your products in Italy?

CODIREX is a solid and reliable reference point for all foreign companies wishing to enter Italian market and looking for new Italian importers and distributors.

We are glade to help foreign manufacturers and exporters to expand their business in Italy.

For you we can:

  • conduct Market research
  • find buyers faster and easier
  • contact wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, buyers and importers in Italy.
  • manage contacts between traders and you
  • help you to enter in Italian market.

For more information and specific requests or other products please fell free to contact us at opportunity@codirex.it.